Сцена: Iris' bedroom

  • Iris: Being adopted can sometimes be a strange thing. I mean , even though Aunt Ellen has given me all the love and support I could ask for, there have still been times in my life when I've wished I could see my real parents again more than anything in the world...
  • Aunt Ellen: Iris, honey, could you get that?
  • Iris: I'm coming!

Сцена: Outside of Aunt Ellen's house

  • Iris: Yes? Hmm? Huh? [Gasps before picking up the box and reads the note] "To Iris, from your number one fan." Thank you, number one fan!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Laughs while hiding behind Aunt Ellen's car.]
  • Iris: [Gasp] Beautiful!
  • Aunt Ellen: I hope that's not a present for my birthday...
  • Iris: It's not! You know I would get you something way nicer.
  • Aunt Ellen: Iris, I'm not really in the mood to celebrate this year.
  • Iris: Hmm.
  • Aunt Ellen: I found this.
  • Iris: That's the reason? A hair?
  • Aunt Ellen: A gray hair! I'm getting old.
  • Iris: [Gasps] You're not too old to me! Besides, you could be 300 years old and I'd still would love you the same.
  • Aunt Ellen: Aw, that's so sweet. But please, no birthday presents this year. You are the best gift I ever got.
  • Iris: Aw. Hmm.

Сцена: Rehearsal Studio

  • Iris: "Hey there. The stars out in the sky. Like a rocket we can fly. We're standing by each other yeah. Hey there. [Sings off-key] "No matter what we do. We'll make it through..."
  • Talia: Iris!
  • Iris: Sorry. I guess I'm having a hard time concentrating. My Aunt Ellen is sad about turning 50.
  • Auriana: She's got years ahead of her! My grandma's 243 years old. She loves to dance and sing and play pinochle...
  • Iris: Um, humans don't live that long.
  • Auriana: They don't? Obviously I made a big mistake in my Earth-year calculations.
  • Talia: Very big. How can we help?
  • Auriana: I know, I know! Throw her a party! With cake and decorations, and the ceremonial racing of the Sektrav against the Celemontix and...
  • Iris: That's a great idea!
  • Auriana: Okay, then... You need a theme! Hmm... What's the theme?
  • Iris: Hmm... What about Hawaiian Fantasy?
  • Auriana: "Aloha. It's good to know ya!"
  • Talia: [Giggles]
  • Iris: Hmm. Grass skirts are itchy. How about a Western theme?
  • Auriana: Yee-haw! [Speaks in a western accent.] Oh, my belly still hurts where the pig bit me. Woo-hoo!
  • Talia: [Laughs] Really?
  • Auriana: Hmm.
  • Iris: How about sparkle?
  • Auriana: Sparkle!
  • Talia: Who can resist sparkle?
  • Auriana: Yay! Hug! [Grunts when crashing onto Talia's crystal.]
  • Talia: Let's not waste time on hugs. We have a party to plan!
  • Auriana: 'Kay.
  • Iris: Great! Let's hit the party store first thing in the morning!
  • Auriana: The party store! How many parties can we buy?
  • Talia: [Groans and facepalms herself.]

Сцена: Iris' bedroom

  • Iris: Party planning 101 checklist. I've invited the guests, ordered the food, now we just have to buy all this stuff tomorrow. This party's gonna have so much sparkle, Aunt Ellen's gonna need to wear sunglasses. Huh? I'll go to sleep right... After... I...
  • Amaru: Huh?

Сцена: Iris' dream

  • The princesses: [Gasps]
  • Young boy: [Giggles while playing his toy cars]
  • Iris: Crystal Lente!
  • Young boy's mother: Jimmy? Jimmy!
  • Iris: He's fine!
  • Jimmy: Tower go boom!
  • Jimmy's mother: Ooh, Jimmy! I don't know how to thank you.
  • Iris: Just glad to help.

Сцена: Iris' bedroom

  • Iris: [Gasps and wakes up] It was just a dream.
  • Amaru: Huh?
  • Iris: It felt so real. Hmm... [Laughs]

Сцена: Sunny Bay's Supermarket

  • Auriana: Whoo-hoo! S-A-L-E! My favorite letters! Come on, look!
  • Iris: [Giggles] Those are for wedding cakes, not birthdays...
  • Auriana: Huh? Oh, but they're so cute! And they're on sale. A good deal is a good deal!
  • Iris: Okay, let's see. Sparkly pink confetti...
  • Iris and Talia: Hmm?
  • The princesses: [Gasps]
  • Jimmy: [Giggles while playing his toy cars]
  • Iris: Crystal Lente!
  • Jimmy's mother: Jimmy? Jimmy!
  • Iris: He's fine!
  • Jimmy: Tower go boom!
  • Jimmy's mother: Ooh, Jimmy! I don't know how to thank you.
  • Iris: Just glad to help. Mmm..
  • Auriana: Wow, that was amazing!
  • Talia: You acted very quickly, Iris. Good catch.
  • Iris: This exact thing happened in my dream last night.
  • Auriana: Which part?
  • Iris: All of it! We were here, shopping, and that display fell over, and I saved the boy.
  • Auriana: You can see the future!
  • Iris: Can I?
  • Talia: Hmm? No one can see the future. It's just a coincidence.
  • Iris: This is a pretty dramatic coincidence.
  • Auriana: [Gasps] Have you had any dreams about me and that cute boy?
  • Iris and Talia: [Laughs]

Сцена: Throne Room

  • Gramorr: Well? Did it work?
  • Mephisto: "Tower go boom!" [Laughs]
  • Praxina: [Scoffs] What my brother is "trying to say" is, yes.
  • Gramorr: Very good. Once she is in our grasp, I will make her bend to our will.
  • Praxina: Your evil is thrilling, master!
  • Gramorr: [Cackles before his eyes flashes red]

Сцена: Living Room, Aunt Ellen's House

  • Iris: I think we bought half the store.
  • Aunt Ellen: Iris, do you… What’s going on here?
  • Talia and Auriana: [Laughs nervously]
  • Iris: Uh… Nothing! Boring stuff! Here, let’s get some fresh air.

Сцена: Ellen's Winter Garden

  • Aunt Ellen: If it’s boring, why are you dragging me out of the house?
  • Iris: ‘Cause it’s a surprise!
  • Aunt Ellen: Hmm. A boring surprise party?
  • Iris: Oh, okay. I guess I wasn’t keeping the secret very well.
  • Aunt Ellen: Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
  • Iris: You’re not mad?
  • Aunt Ellen: No, I’m not.
  • Iris: Great! But you still can’t come into the living room until it’s all ready.
  • Aunt Ellen: Fair enough.
  • Iris: You know what? I think this party has already made her feel better… Uh-oh. [Gasps]
  • Talia: [Sighs] I blame myself. I left her alone for five minutes and she did this.
  • Auriana: [Laughs after blowing up a balloon] Yeah! I took all your holiday decorations out of the hall closet and I put them up!
  • Iris: You know what? It’s not traditional, but it could work!
  • Talia: Huh?
  • Iris: If we lose the witch, and maybe one or two other things, we’ll be super sparkly!
  • Talia: [Sighs in content]
  • Iris: [Sighs] I want to write her a song, but there’s still so much to do!
  • Auriana: Why don’t you go work on your song and let us put up the decorations?
  • Iris: Really?
  • Auriana: Really. Next to fighting evil, decorating is my favorite thing to do.
  • Iris: [Gasps]
  • Talia: Don’t worry. I’ll supervise this time.
  • Iris: Hmm.

Сцена: Iris' bedroom

  • Iris: Hmm. This needs work.

[The music box begins to play]

  • Iris: Why am I so tired? [Falls asleep on the table and snores]
  • Amaru: [Gasps]

Сцена: Abandoned House

  • Iris: Mmm… [gasps]

[A flash of light appears from the gem]

  • Iris: [Gasps]
  • Iris’ Mother/Queen of Ephedia: Hello, Iris, We’ve been waiting for you.
  • Iris: Mom? Dad?

Сцена: Iris' bedroom

  • Iris: [Wakes up and gasps]

Сцена: Living Room, Aunt Ellen's House

  • Iris: Guys, I had another dream!
  • Talia: Huh?
  • Iris: I saw my parents! They’re here. In an old house in town.
  • Talia: Iris, it’s just a dream.
  • Iris: But it was real. Let’s go!
  • Auriana: What about the party? People are gonna be arriving!
  • Iris: [Sighs]
  • Aunt Ellen: This doesn’t look boring…
  • The princesses: [Gasping]
  • Aunt Ellen: It looks like a party! It looks like a whole bunch of parties smushed into one. This might be the most unique, one of a kind, not boring birthday party ever!
  • Auriana: Why don’t we put the cupcakes out first?
  • Talia: Because you’re supposed to eat them after the salty food, not before. I read all about it in a magazine.
  • Auriana: Ooh. Yes, we should definitely do what it says.

Сцена: Backside Patio, Aunt Ellen's House

  • Amaru: [Chirps approvingly]
  • Iris: I agree, Amaru. I think we’re ready. Hmm…
  • Amaru: [Chirps]
  • Iris: It’s just that I can’t stop thinking about my dream.
  • Amaru: Uh… Um…
  • Iris: I bet I could go and at least see them and be back before anyone even misses me.
  • Amaru: [Groans]
  • Iris: Huh?
  • Amaru: [Shakes his head]
  • Iris: [Sighs] Hmm…
  • Amaru: [Chirps worriedly]

Сцена: Living Room, Aunt Ellen's House

[Doorbell rings]

  • Auriana: Huh? Iris! The guests are here! Mmmm. Iris?
  • Amaru: [Panics and chirps]
  • Auriana: She went to find her parents?
  • Talia: We have to find out where.

Сцена: Abandoned

  • Iris: That’s it.
  • Praxina: Welcome, Iris.
  • Iris: [Gasps]
  • Praxina: We have someone who wants to speak to you.
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Laughs]

Сцена: Iris' bedroom

[The music box is rattling]

  • Auriana: [Gasps]
  • Talia: Do you see anything suspicious? Perhaps I should conjure a spell to try...
  • Auriana: "Dear Diary, today is Aunt Ellen's birthday..."
  • Talia: Auriana! You shouldn't read that!
  • Auriana: I'm looking for clues! [Continues reading the diary.] "Dear Diary, today I got a gift-
  • Talia: [Gasps subtly]
  • Auriana: "From my number one fan."
  • Talia: Wait, what gift?
  • Auriana: "A beautiful music box."
  • Talia: Hmm.
  • Amaru: [Chitters after finding the music box.]
  • Auriana: [Gasps]
  • Talia: [Screams after the music box flashed from contact]

[The music box begins to play music.]

  • Amaru: [Growls at the music box.]
  • Auriana: Those are dream crystals.
  • Talia: This wasn't sent to Iris by a fan. Which means...
  • Auriana: Mmm.
  • Talia and Auriana: [Screams when something popped up from the music box.]
  • Lil' Box Monster: [Squeaks]
  • Talia and Auriana: Crystal Gelacio!
  • Auriana: Now, tell us where Iris is!
  • Talia: Better yet, show us. Crystal Veritus!

Сцена: Abandoned House

  • Mephisto: Look what we caught for you, Your Big Bad Worshipfulness!
  • Gramorr: [Laughs]
  • Iris: [Gasps] You tricked me!
  • Gramorr: Yes. It wasn't too difficult.
  • Iris: You think you can get away with what you've done to Ephedia, but you won't. I'll stop you.
  • Gramorr: [Laughs] So you say. However, if you ever want to see your parents again, perhaps we could make a little deal. Work for me and your parents will be free.
  • Iris: [Gasps]
  • Gramorr: Continue to fight me, and the outcome is not so sweet.
  • Iris: I know how bad you are.
  • Gramorr: See for yourself. The decision is yours.
  • Talia: Don't believe him! It's a trick! Crystempactus!

Сцена: The Arena

  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Grunts from the blast]
  • Iris: [Grunts] No! Wait!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Scoffs before teleporting]
  • Iris and Auriana: [Gasps]
  • Praxina: How was your chat with Mommy and Daddy?
  • Iris: Over before it started. Like you. Iris, princess of Ephedia!
  • Auriana: Auriana, princess of Volta!
  • Talia: Talia, princess of Xeris!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Both grunting]
  • Iris: Crystal Colidum!
  • Praxina: [Grunting]
  • Mephisto: Woah! We were just trying to do you a favor!
  • Iris: Do me a favor and get lost!
  • Mephisto: [Grunts before teleporting at a distance] Hey! I just thought it was too bad you didn't get to see your parents. [Smiles mischievously] No need to get touchy. Telenoc!
  • Iris: [Screams]
  • Mephisto: Telanoc!
  • Iris: [Grunts]
  • Praxina: Good distraction, brother. Aterodere!
  • The Princesses: [Gasps]
  • Talia: Woah!
  • Auriana: Crystarmum!

Сцена: Living Room, Aunt Ellen's House

  • Aunt Ellen: [Gasps after nearly crashing onto a man] Have you seen Iris? Or he girls?
  • The man: [Shakes his head] Mmm.

Сцена: The Arena

  • Big Box Monster: [Growls]
  • Talia: Crystal Offensio!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Gasps before teleporting]
  • Mephisto: [Gasps to see the Big Box Monster on the ground after reappearing]
  • Mephisto and Praxina: Mmm?
  • Talia: Xeris!
  • Auriana: Volta!
  • Iris: Ephedia!
  • The Princesses: Crystal Luxtra!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: [Screams before teleporting away]
  • Iris: Sorry for freeing out at you back there.
  • Auriana: Mmm.
  • Iris: It's just, Gramorr said he was going to let me talk to my parents.
  • Talia: Iris, I'm sorry to say this, but it was probably a trick.
  • Auriana: Yeah, there's no way to prove it was really them.
  • Iris: You're right. He tried to trick me into working for him. I just wanted to see my parents.
  • Auriana: Hmm. The truth is, the only real parent I've ever know is at the birthday party I threw for her! Without me!

Сцена: Outside of Aunt Ellen's House

  • Aunt Ellen: Bye. Thank you for coming. Mmm?

[Aunt Ellen hears music playing at the other side of her house. She walks over there to see glowing lights.]

  • Aunt Ellen: Oh!
  • Iris: "Let's have a good time. When things get tough we are better when together. Come rain or shine we'll be always friends forever. When things go wrong we rely on one another. We won't give up 'cause we always got each other."
  • Aunt Ellen [Gasps before laughing and give Iris a hug.]
  • Iris: "BFF friendship never e-ends." I'm sorry I missed your party
  • Aunt Ellen: [Laughs] Don't worry. We can do it again next year.
  • Auriana: Hugs?
  • Talia: Ugh. I guess it's okay. Just this once.
  • Amaru: [Chirps]
  • Talia: [Gasps]
  • Auriana: Weee!
  • Iris: [Laughs]
  • The Princesses and Aunt Ellen: [Laughs together]

Сцена: Outside of Aunt Ellen's House

  • Iris: I know that someday, once we have restored the crown of Ephedia, that I'll see my real mother and father again. I can't imagine how that'll feel. Then again, maybe I can. Maybe it'll feel just like it does when Aunt Ellen hugs me and tells me that I'm the greatest thing that ever happened to her.

Сцена: THE END

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