Amaru is an Ephedian creature with the ability to change into a Pegasus. Sometimes, he rolls like a hedgehog to dodge spells. Amaru can also control magic.


Amaru has purple and white fur with dark blue hair, green eyes, a green gem in his neck level and a little tail.


He is a reliable friend, and often joyful. He helps the princesses when they are in trouble. However, Amaru is also known to be a glutton.

Amaru was first shown in "To Find a Princess" and last shown in "Crowning Glory: Part 2."

Sighting Edit

Abilities Edit

Amaru is an intelligent and magical creature capable of doing different feats

  • Space Manipulation- Amaru is capable of conjuring a pocket dimension where an arena stand so the girls can fight the monsters without hurting the innocent.
  • Transformation- Amaru can transform from a feline creature to a Pegasus.
  • Flight- An ability he can access when he is in Pegasus form and have already acquired wings.
  • Distant Communication-He can create a message and send it to the princesses.
  • Crystal magic-He has been known to be able to create small crystals and used his powers to hold back a blast of magic in Crowning Glory: Part 2.



  • Amaru could fly and was much smaller in the past.[1]
  • He is the only character who has the same voice actress in all dubs.
  • He is the only character whose transformation sequence is edited or shortened.
    • He is also the first character whose transformation sequence appears after the main Princesses have been shown.


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