The Ancient Ephedian Spell Book is a powerful artifact of Ephedia.


Talia stated that the magic it contains are capable of help building entire nations and at the same time destruction if it had fallen into the wrong hands.

The royal family of Xeris were tasked to protect the spell book and that's why Talia took it with her when she escaped from her realm.

The book must be kept in a protected area, a magically guarded place, so that Gramorr can't track it. However the moment it came out from the girl's house, its presence was made known through the castle of Ephedia when a crown insignia appears before Gramorr. The book can't be opened easily and causes magical energy to burst out just be attempting to open it. It requires a spell that forms an ethereal key to open it.

It is capable of many feats such as enhancing a monster's strength and transfiguration. The other spells and abilities inside the book is currently unknown.

Known Incantation Spells

  • "Leto baro axelco." - Used to transform into an Ephedian animal.
  • "Letum liber explico." - Used to enhance the strength and aggression of a target. It also modifies the target into having a feral appearance.
  • "Transverto immuto inli regis filia!" - Used to seal a target's transformation.
  • Crystal Divertimus - used to knock something off-course from its target. It is the first Crystal Spell used by Mephisto, and the only known Crystal Spell in the book.



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