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Borealis is a fictional kingdom in the Lolirock series that’s located on an island in Ephedia. Lyna is the only known Princess of Borealis .


Borealis is an island realm in Ephedia. The people of this realm are said to be good at making "Crystalflower Tea" and stated that their castle won for the most beautiful six years in a row. It is thought that Borealis is more of a civilized realm, because Lyna the Princess of Borealis states that spells are so much more civilized than hand to hand fighting. The people of this kingdom wear green attire. Though Borealis is a small island, the creators stated that it is a nexus of magic in Ephedia.  


  • Borealis' name was inspired by a flower, Linnea Borealis as a flower is seen in Lyna's transformation sequence.
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