Camp Princess is the sixteenth episode of the first season of LoliRock.


When the girls accompany a timid camper who wants to sleep overnight in the woods, Praxina and Mephisto attack with magic beasts from a totem pole.


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Major Events

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Spells Used

  • Telanoc - Used by Mephisto against the princesses.
  • Crystal Offensio - Used by the princesses against the Eagle, Wolf, and Bear.
  • Anima Novo - Used by Mephisto and Praxina to turn the totem pole into the Eagle, Wolf, and Bear.
  • Crystal Dimitam - Used by Talia against the Eagle.
  • Crystal Canastro - Used by the princesses to crystallize the Wolf.
  • Crystal Natet - Used by Auriana to protect Daisy.
  • Invado - Used by the twins to power-up the Eagle, Wolf, and Bear.
  • Crystal Eternitus - Used by the princesses to seal the Eagle, Wolf, and Bear.

Voice Cast




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  • Auriana's eyes are to closed together when Iris, Talia, and Auriana was looking at the troublemakers when making Daisy upset.
  • When everyone at camp is sitting around the campfire, multiple campers switch places or are replaced between scenes.
  • When Iris notices an eagle sound, her hairband is white. In split seconds, her hairband is pink. It applies to the same mistake in after Auriana saying "In my imagination...", Iris was smiling when her went pink, but turned into white again when Iris is being focused where it is.


"Hmm. Very good. You get a special prize, (Makes spell) Telanoc!" -Mephisto, Knowing that Iris knows the Black Crystal Monsters from the totem.

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