Crystempactus is an offensive spell used by Iris.

Times When Used

  • Flower Power - Used to break the collar off the Snumple.
  • Be Mine - Used against the Archer but failed.
  • Sirens - Used by Iris against Mephisto.
  • A Promise is a Promise - Used by Iris against Mephisto.
  • Heavy Metal - Used by Iris against the Musical Monster.
  • Shanila Surprise - Used by Iris consecutively in an attempt to reach the next stage of magical development.
  • Raffle Baffle - Used by Iris to smash through the Raffle monster.
  • Smart - Used by Iris to break a black crystal wall.
  • Home Part I - Used by Iris to break the floor of her prison cell.
  • Princess Brenda: Part 2 - Used by Iris to try to free Nathaniel and her friends from dark Crystal


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