Doug is a recurring character in LoliRock. He is a big fan of the LoliRock band and writes a blog about them. His first appearance is in episode Batty.


He has an average height like Nathaniel and has blond hair and hazel brown eyes.


Doug borders on the fanatic. He likes gushing over the different things and happenings about LoliRock. Doug also appears to be gullible sometimes due to his innocence. Unknowingly, he sometimes annoys Nathaniel whenever he bursts in a conversation between him and Iris. Despite his obsession for LoliRock and his phone, he's always there to help others as well.




  • It has been hinted that Doug might have a crush on Auriana.
  • Doug came very close to discovering the girls secret in "Smart".
  • He is the first person outside of LoliRock to enter the Rehearsal Studio.
  • Despite getting a new phone in "Smart", he is seen using his old phone until "Loli-Lime Sublime".



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