The list below provides the chronological order of the episodes of LoliRock series.

Season 1

Number French Title English Title Summary
1-01 L'Audition To Find a Princess Teen Iris joins a pop music group and discovers that she and her bandmates are actually superpowered princesses from another world.
1-02 Le mystère des fleurs Flower Power Iris uses magic to grow a rose for a flower show, sparking a showdown between the princesses and Mephisto, Praxina and a giant enchanted snumple.
1-03 Coup de foudre Be Mine When Iris' magic backfires and bewitches her with a love charm, only a kiss from Nathaniel can break the spell. Has Iris found her true love?
1-04 Prémonition The Birthday A mysterious music box gives Iris strange dreams, including the location of an oracle gem. Should she skip her aunt's birthday party to retrieve it?
1-05 Une voix magique Sing For Me When Mephisto and Praxina steal their voices, the princesses must stop them from sending the voices to Gramorr, who wants to use them as a weapon.
1-06 Xeris Xeris The princesses go after Praxina and Mephisto after they take Talia's magical medallion, an amulet that can reveal the location of her missing family. 
1-07 Le trésor de l'épave Sirens While helping a boy search an underwater shipwreck for long-lost family jewels, Iris, Talia and Auriana do battle with a sea monster sent by Gramorr.
1-08 Amour double Talia and Kyle Sitting In a Tree When cute Kyle takes a shine to Talia, she rebuffs his attention. But before long, she discovers there's more to this boy than meets the eye. 
1-09 Promis juré A Promise is a Promise The girls discover an oracle gem on display in a museum. But to get it, they must take on Mephisto, Praxina and a vicious dinosaur skeleton.
1-10 Une vie de Star Lucky Star Performing at a lonesome movie star's house party, the princesses confront Mephisto and Praxina and help their celebrity host make some true friends.
1-11 Sous une bonne étoile Step Right Up After Praxina and Mephisto infiltrate a charity carnival at an orphanage, the princesses face an attack by a gang of enchanted stuffed animals.  
1-12 Mémoire Trouble No Thanks For The Memories Mephisto and Praxina steal Iris' memory and convince her to attack Talia and Auriana. How can her friends bring Iris back from the dark side?
1-13 Peur du noir Batty After Iris saves a scientist who got trapped in a cave looking for an energy-rich ore, the twins attack with a giant bat to steal the ore for Gramorr.
1-14 Les pieds dans le sable Castles in the Sand While the princesses perform at a beach party, Mephisto and Praxina create a cleverly magic-resistant sand monster to kidnap Nathaniel.
1-15 Cousu de fil noir Stitches Auriana designs outfits for Iris and Talia to model at a fashion show, but the twins turn a sewing machine into a monster to steal the magic apparel.
1-16 Une nuit à la belle étoile Camp Princess When the girls accompany a timid camper who wants to sleep overnight in the woods, Praxina and Mephisto attack with magic beasts from a totem pole.
1-17 Guitar en solo Heavy Metal When the twins steal a boy's electric guitar, the girls race to get it back, but first they must face a monster made of noisy musical instruments.
1-18 La Légende du lac Yness Legend of Lake Agnes Praxina and Mephisto launch an underwater attack on the princesses during an outing on the lake to look for Aggie, the local legendary lake monster.
1-19 Shanila Shanila Surprise Iris reaches the next stage of her magical training, Shanila. Her powers are soon tested when Gramorr orders a vicious attack to stop her progress.
1-20 Tombola Mania Raffle Baffle When fundraising raffle tickets starts to disappear, the princesses discover that Gramorr is using two powerful new minions to do his dirty work.
1-21 Une Soirée Magique Dance Craze Just as Ephedia's most powerful sorceress arrives to teach the princesses a rare spell, Iris races off to save Missy from Praxina and Mephisto.
1-22 La maisons des ombres The Haunting When a girl moves into a house rumored to be haunted, the princesses assure her it's not -- until Mephisto and Praxina send a ghost to attack them. 
1-23 Grimoire à vendre Spellbound The princesses race to recover a powerful spell book that they accidentally donated to a book sale, but Praxina and Mephisto are a step ahead of them.
1-24 La Menace Mobile Smart Gramorr sends the twins to capture Doug and his smartphone after he takes revealing videos of everything the girls do in the course of a day.
1-25 Ephédia (première partie) Home Part I An asteroid hurtling toward Earth sends the girls back to Ephedia, where Gramorr demands that they retrieve for him the kingdom's enchanted crown.
1-26 Ephédia (deuxième partie) Home Part II Still on Ephedia, Talia and Auriana join the resistance movement against Gramorr, who captures Iris as she tries to steal the crown to keep it safe.

Season 2

Number French Title English Title Summary
2-01 Une tournée magique Musical Magical Tour
2-02 La bonne action If You Can't Beat'em
2-03 Mordu d'amour Puppylove
2-04 Un chat trop chou? Super Cute Kitten
2-05 Loli-Rousse Wicked Red
2-06 Un message troublant Blurred Vision  
2-07 Recherche d'Identité, 1ère partie Princess Brenda Part I
2-08 Recherche d'Identité, 2ème partie Princess Brenda Part II
2-09 Une poupée singulière Cute As A Doll
2-10 Multi-Amaru Amaru-niverse
2-11 Rex 2.0 Rex  
2-12 Dans l'ombre d'une star Lost In The Shadows
2-13 Silence on tourne… I Want My LTV
2-14 Un artiste bien connu Desert Heat
2-15 Le rubis de L'Orient The Ruby Of The Orient
2-16 Le Loli-Smoothie Loli-Lime Sublime
2-17 Ellira Truth Be Told
2-18 Un cours de danse particulier Dancing Shoes
2-19 La baguette ensorcelée Amateur Hour
2-20 La cueillette de cristal noir Strawberry Fields for Never
2-21 La trahison, 1ère partie Stop In The Name Of Lev Part I
2-22 La trahison, 2ère partie Stop In The Name Of Lev Part II
2-23 Le jeu des statues Statue Game
2-24 Tombée dans l'oubli Forget You!
2-25 L'heure de gloire, 1ère partie Crowning Glory Part I
2-26 L'heure de gloire, 2ère partie Crowning Glory Part II
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