Scene: Rehearsal room

  • Iris and Talia: "Dance, dance, dance...You'll be energetic. You'll be charismatic. Party on the planet. Dance to the revolution."
  • Talia: Congratulations, Iris. For once, you are on time for rehearsal, and Auriana is late.
  • Iris: Um... Thanks?
  • Talia and Iris: Huh?
Scene: Iris' bedroom

  • Auriana: Somebody help!
  • Iris: Auriana! What happened?
  • Auriana: I was making this flower garland to wear when we perform at the garden festival tomorrow, and I sorta got trapped. Wait! Prickles!
  • Iris: You put roses in your garland with the thorns still on?
  • Auriana: I thought they'd stick better. [groans] Which they do!
  • Talia: Crystal Solvenda!
  • Auriana: [sighs] Thank you! [looks at the levitating garland] Earth has such beautiful flowers, I wanted to wear them!
  • Iris: [gasp] Hey, You guys want to see something cool? I grew this to enter in the flower competition. I've entered it every year since I was eight years old. I've never won, though.
  • Auriana: But you're so good at plant growing!
  • Iris: You mean gardening. And thanks. But every year the same person wins. Missy Robins.
  • Young Missy: Better luck next year, loser!
  • Iris: This is the year she's the loser.
  • Auriana: You're right. This flower is magnificent.
  • Iris: No! [grabs Amaru] Um, my rose isn't quite ready to smell yet.
  • Talia: Huh? From what I've studied about Earth horticulture, I know that roses don't act this way. You used magic, didn't you?
  • Iris: [giggles] Just a teeny tiny little bit...
  • Talia: Magic should never be used for selfish goals.
  • Iris: But beating Missy is a good deed that will benefit everyone in the world forever. So it's not selfish...
  • Talia: Hmph.
Scene: Throne Room, Ephedia

  • Gramorr: I'm aware of the time, Banes. You're right. I can put off this dreadful chore no longer. [sighs] Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
  • Mephisto: Because it was your turn, Praxina, to...
  • Praxina: It wasn't my turn, Mephisto. Yesterday was my turn. Today was...
  • Gramorr: Silence!
  • Praxina: [groans] Master!
  • Mephisto: Hey, boss man, uh, master. Sir.
  • Gramorr: Update me on your mission. Have you found the oracle gem?
  • Mephisto: Um, we're working on it, but it's complicated...
  • Gramorr: A simple yes or no will suffice.
  • Praxina: Not yet, master.
  • Gramorr: This particular oracle gem is vital. You must do everything you can to find it before the princesses do. If you fail... I can't afford to lose any more gems.
Scene: Sunny Bay Park

  • Announcer: Welcome to the 16th annual Sunny Bay flower competition.
  • Iris: There. You look like a winner to me.
  • Missy: Not bad.
  • Iris: Ugh!
  • Missy: Hmm! It's a shame you can't win. When you're as naturally talented at gardening as I am, it's hard to catch up.
  • Missy's followers: Hmph!
  • Praxina: Huh?
  • Auriana: There are so many pretty flowers here. I can't decide which I like best!
  • Talia: Uh, Iris, is something wrong?
  • Iris: No, no. We need to set up for the show. [talks to Rosie] I have to go now. You stay here. No! Stay. Stay. I didn't want to have to do this, Rosie. Now be good. [uses the speakers] Check. One, two, three... Is this on?
  • Talia: Sounds good.
  • Iris: We're totally ready to rock!
  • Auriana: No, I'm not! I don't have my splendicular flower garland costume.
  • Iris: Where is it?
  • Auriana: Amaru keeps getting caught in it! Crystal Solvenda!
  • Amaru: Argh.
  • Auriana: Oh! If he wants to wear it... Crystal Minutus!
  • Amaru: Oh!
  • Auriana: Now we're ready for the show.
  • Iris: Someone needs help! Huh? Missy? Huh? What's wrong?
  • Missy: Someone stole my rose!
  • Iris: Oh. That's... Terrible? Um, do you have any enemies? Never mind. Don't worry. I'll help find your rose.
  • Missy: Really?
  • Iris: Of course. Because it's not fair. Even if it is yours.
  • Missy: What?
  • Iris: Nothing! I'm taking care of it.
  • Missy: Hmm.
  • Iris: Mm. That's where Missy's rose was, but I don't see anything strange.
  • Auriana: What would you see? Someone just grabbed it and ran away.
  • Talia: Uh, did she have any enemies?
  • Iris: Plenty. But this is the first time anyone's stolen something from her.
  • Talia: Iris, do you suppose your rose might have done something to it?
  • Iris: Rosie? What could she do? She's just a plant! Okay. She's not just a plant. But she's still here, right where I left her. So let's look for the real thief.
  • Talia: Fair enough. We'll split up and search separately.
  • Iris: Hey, you! The guy stealing the plant!
  • Nathaniel: Hey, Iris!
  • Iris: Nathaniel? What are you doing here?
  • Nathaniel: Uh, I'm working. The cafe's doing concessions for the festival. I was just walking to the cafe and saw these irises, and I had to check them out.
  • Iris: Huh?
  • Nathaniel: I have a thing for... Irises.
  • Iris: [blushes] Uh...
  • Clara: Help!
  • Iris: Huh? [her pendant glows]
  • Nathaniel: I'll come with you.
  • Clara: My orchid just disappeared and it was the favorite to win!
  • Auriana: Was it inside this glass plant palace?
  • Clara: Yes! [Sniffles.] Someone must have come in and taken it!
  • Talia: Iris, can I speak to you outside?
  • Nathaniel: You guys stay here. I'll take her with me to the cafe. How about a hot chocolate?
  • Clara: Okay...
  • Talia: Iris, I think the thief may be...
  • Iris: Not Rosie! I told you, she's tied up. She didn't steal anything. [sees Rosie] Rosie, no! Rosie, I never thought you'd get rid of the competition! Now what do I do?
  • Talia: You know what you have to do...
  • Iris: [sighs] Come on, Rosie. Let's go for a walk.
  • Auriana: Are you okay? Do you want us to come?
  • Iris: No. I have to do this alone. [takes Rosie outside] Oh, Rosie. I should never have entered you in this competition. Believe me, this hurts me more than it hurts you. One quick spell, and you'll just be frozen in crystal. [begins to cast a spell] Mmm... Cristaso... Hmm? [Rosie gets taken by a creature. Iris then runs to Talia and Auriana] Did you see? Did you see it?
  • Talia: See what?
  • Iris: This... This thing just appeared, and before I knew it, grabbed Rosie and my pendant! I didn't even react. I have all these magical powers and I didn't do a thing.
  • Talia: The thing that attacked you, what did it looked like?
  • Iris: It happened so fast I didn't get a good look at it.
  • Auriana: Iris, we can use this to find your rose's location. [starts to cast a spell] Crystalocum Ostendere. [sees a harmless looking creature] This is what attacked you? A snumple? It's very little and not very dangerous...
  • Iris: No, it can't be. What attacked me was huge! [looks at Auriana and Talia] What's a snumple?
  • Talia: Its an animal from Ephedia. It must have been brought here by someone.
  • Iris: Yeah. I bet I can guess who.
  • Mephisto: [Uses a whistle before seeing the corrupted snumple have Iris' pendant] No, you flea brain, we don't need a necklace.
  • Praxina: Huh?
  • Mephisto: We need this. [shows the snumple an image of a oracle gem] Get it right next time! [blasts a spell at the snumple] Can you stop thinking about jewellery for one second? You've got tons of it.
  • Praxina: This...
  • Mephisto: Huh?
  • Praxina: ...belongs to Iris.
  • Mephisto: [chuckles] Awesome.
  • Iris: Huh? [sees Missy crying on Nathaniel]
  • Missy: It's so unfair that my rose was stolen. I may never recover.
  • Nathaniel: You'll get over it. You're tough like a...lobster.
  • Missy: Oh, no! I know I seem strong on the outside, but on the inside I'm quite fragile.
  • Iris: [fakes a sob] My rose was stolen, too.
  • Nathaniel: Hmm.
  • Iris: But I'm being extremely brave about it.
  • Missy: Ugh! It's easy for you to be brave. You weren't going to win anyway.
  • Iris: [fumes angrily] Mmm...
  • Talia: I fully understand your desire to send this girl to Klatznik, but we need to find that snumple.
  • Missy: [flips her hair and walks away] Hmph.
  • Iris: You're right. [pauses] Klatznik?
  • Talia: Word of the day. Use it wisely.
  • Iris: Hmm. [Scene changes] This thing is super-fast. Keep your eyes open for any sign of that snumple.
  • Mephisto: Oh, don't worry about that...
  • Praxina: We'll make sure that you can't miss it.
  • The princesses: Argh!
  • Iris: Iris, Princess of... Oh, Klatznik.
  • Talia: Talia, Princess of Xeris! [transforms onto her magical dress]
  • Auriana: Auriana, Princess of Volta! [transforms onto her magical dress]
  • Iris: Amaru! Now!
Scene: The Arena

  • Mephisto: Snumple!
  • Praxina: Finish the princesses!
  • Talia: Argh!
  • Auriana: Crystarmum.
  • Talia: Wand of Xeris!
  • Praxina: Get them!
  • Iris: [Notices the collar on the snumple] A collar. Auriana! Talia! Use your magic to keep that snumple thing in one place.
  • Auriana: Ribbon of Volta!
  • Talia and Auriana: Crysta Florcordum!
  • Iris: Crystempactus!
  • Mephisto and Praxina: Argh!
  • Auriana: Aw, look. It's a cutie pie.
  • Talia: Excellent job, Iris!
  • Iris: Hmm... Now, where's my necklace?
  • Praxina: Oh, you mean this old thing?
  • Mephisto: [teleports to Praxina] Why don't you come and get it?
  • Mephisto and Praxina: Ateruina! Telanoc!
  • Mephisto: It's no use, princesses.
  • Praxina: In a few minutes, you'll all be nothing more than decorative statues in Gramorr's palace.
  • Iris: You're so gonna regret this.
  • Mephisto: So sorry.
  • Praxina: But as long as we have this and you don't... [The snumple takes the pendant.] The pendant! Come back with that, you flea brain!
  • Mephisto: Oh, Klatznik.
  • Iris: Statues in Gramorr's palace, huh? Well, guess what? That isn't Gramorr's Palace, it's mine! Iris, Princess of Ephedia! [transforms onto her magical dress]
  • Talia: Xeris!
  • Auriana: Volta!
  • Iris: Ephedia!
  • The princesses: Crystal Luxtra!
  • Mephisto: Run away! [Mephisto and Praxina teleports away]
  • Iris: Hmm.
Scene: Sunny Bay Park

  • Iris: I'm glad to have this back. And I have you to thank. [Amaru growls at the snumple]
  • Auriana: Oh, Amaru, You don't have anything to worry about. You're not being replaced! [laughs]
  • Iris: [Sees the snumple burrows to a certain direction] Hey, snumple, where are you going? [The girls follow the snumple to see the stolen plants] The stolen plants! [sees Rosie] Rosie! [hugs Rosie] Hmm.
  • Talia: Question is, why did Mephisto and Praxina wanted all these flowers?
  • Iris: Whatever the reason, the judging's about to start, so we need to return these flowers right now.
  • Auriana: We can cast a spell together, it'll be faster!
  • Iris: Okay. But there's one I want to take back personally.
  • Clara: My orchid! I don't know how to thank you. It's in perfect condition. Not one leaf is missing. [An oracle gem falls off of her plant]
  • Iris: [Sees the oracle gem] Oh! [picks it up]
  • Clara: What's this?
  • Iris: [Gasps] An oracle gem!
  • Clara: You know what this is?
  • Iris: Yeah. I kind of collect them.
  • Clara: [closes Iris' hand] Here. It's my thank you to you. [leaves the greenhouse] Sorry to run, but I've gotta go. The judging is about to start.
  • Auriana: Good luck!
  • Iris: [Gasps] This is what Mephisto and Praxina wanted all along! [sees an image of her parents flashed on the surface of the oracle gem] Huh? Hey, look at this, it's... [The oracle gem disappears from her fingers] Gone? It just disappeared! Where did it go?
  • Talia: Don't worry. I assure you, it's found its way home.
Scene: Throne room

  • Gramorr: [sees the oracle gem return to the crown] No! [grunts angrily]
Scene: Sunny Bay Park

  • Judge: [speaks over the speaker] First place! [awards Clara the winner]
  • Clara: Thank you! I dedicate the prize to Iris, Talia, and Auriana, who found my orchid when it was stolen.
  • Auriana: Oh! I love flowers. And happy endings!
  • Iris: [Sighs] I guess I'll try again next year, but I'll do it the old-fashioned way. [looks at Rosie] You won't mind, will you? [LoliRock plays Revolution]


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