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Gramorr (also known as the "Grand Wizard of Chaos") was the main antagonist of LoliRock. He sought to acquire the Oracle Gems to gain ultimate power. He was responsible for imprisoning the mother and father of Iris, who are the king and queen of Ephedia (the whole planet) before he took over. He was also Praxina and Mephisto's raged master and sent them on missions to defeat Iris, Talia, and Auriana. He lived in the Castle of Ephedia with his black panther[2], Banes. He had been defeating Volta, Ephedia, and Xeris by fighting with Auriana, Iris, and Talia's kingdoms.


Gramorr is an evil black crystal sorcerer, who took the throne of Ephedia for himself. And if it wasn’t for the Crown’s spell that’s preventing him from leaving the castle, he probably would have covered all of Ephedia with black crystal already.

Unable to act by himself, he has to rely on his black magic knowledge, and his lieutenants, such as Mephisto and Praxina, and his minions to do his evil deeds. While he hasn’t conquered all of Ephedia yet, everyone fears him and pray for the day he won’t be a threat anymore.


He had long olive-green hair, red eyes[3] and wear a crown and a mask. It is also notable that he wore a beastly-like gauntlet in one of his arms.


Gramorr was cruel and power-hungry. He wanted all the realms of Ephedia under his reign. He disliked failure but managed to keep up with the fiasco of Mephisto and Praxina. At one point he got fed up with the twins and replaced them with another pair of evil twins, Deinos and Kakos. Gramorr had a strange habit of talking to his pet, Banes. He would often talk to the beast as if it was his equal. He could show cowardice at times like when the twins showed her Izira's Medallion, fearful of Iris's magic passed Shanila, and finally when Iris achieved magic with the help of the crown. During this battle, the Queen's image appeared in his sight causing him to tremble with fear.


Prior to the start of the series, Gramorr came to Ephedia. What his role was is still a mystery. Sometime later when the princess of Ephedia was just an infant Gramorr betrayed the King and the Queen, and imprisoned them. But when Gramorr attempted to seize the Crown of Ephedia, it became magically protected, scattering the Oracle gems to another planet, Earth. Gramorr has a vast knowledge of Ephedia such as the awakening of Iris' strong magic after Shanila, the existence of the Ancient Ephedian Spell Book and about Morgaine, whom he addressed as his "Old Friend," implying a certain connection between the two. It is implied that Banes is his superior, as seen once when he apologized to Banes for another Oracle Gem being returned to the Crown of Ephedia, and later during the Season 2 finale, when Gramorr was defeated, Banes looked at Gramorr with disappointment and left Gramorr to his death.

Magical Abilities

Gramorr is the master Black Crystal Summoner, and though he was stuck inside the castle of Ephedia, he could conjure monsters to enforce his rule over the planet. He was capable of creating a massive Black Crystal Monster and send it to another dimension as seen in season one's finale Episode.

Gramorr is a very adept sorcerer capable of inventing capture spells such as the one specially made to capture Morgaine which can only be broken through collision with the same spell. Another capture spell is the one that absorbs the magic of the captured victim that can only be destroyed by overflowing magic. Gramorr can create objects that can help his minions fight the princesses. On top of that, he can turn his entire body into tiny crystal particles in order to evade attacks. He also possesses bestial arms that can absorb Oracle Gems, later it was shown to be able to absorb the Crown of Ephedia, giving him absolute power.

Gramorr's extensive knowledge of magic and of Ephedia gives him the advantage in most situations.

He can also throw fire from his eyes, which he mainly does when he's angry or disappointed in his minion over their failures.



  • He was originally supposed to be Iris' uncle, but the creators decided not to as it will be too cliché.[4]
  • His face was revealed in the final episode of Season 2, as Iris and the princesses had used a spell across his whole body, destroyed most of his mask, uncovering half of his face. The second part of his mask was later found by Banes deep beneath the Temple of Andrak, as he carried it to Praxina which later used the mask on her own.
    • When Gramorr's mask is shattered, it appears as though most of his face is burned or covered in the same dark matter as Banes.
  • Gramorr is wearing an evil crown (that's part of his mask) which shares many similarities with Tiara of Runic and might be built on the same purpose, doing bad stuff.
  • Gramorr sounds similar to Reala in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Meta Knight in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, though he is not voiced by Casey Robertson nor Eric Stuart.