Izira's Medallion
Izira's Medallion is a magical item which lets Izira, Talia's elder sister, transform. It is a very powerful object that even Gramorr was afraid just by looking at it, to the point where he wanted the Medallion destroyed rather than using its power to defeat the Princesses.


Just like Talia's bracelet, Izira's Medallion has the symbol of Xeris which is the diamond, it is placed in the middle of the circular shape of the medallion. There are swirls on it that surrounded the gem in four cardinal directions. There are also small circular gems on the swirls except in the western part of it.


The medallion is said to have been an heirloom of the royalty of Xeris. Currently, it belongs to the Xerin princess Izira. According to Praxina's scroll, it has the ability to raise mountains, annihilate entire armies and stop time.



  • The medallion has fallen off the cliff located at Temple of Andrak, into the Ephedian forest. It wasn't seen since then.


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