Prince Jodan, nicknamed DJ Ezra, is a minor character who appears in LoliRock. He is the prince of Volta and Auriana's older brother. He debuts in the episode, "Desert Heat".


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Season 2

DJ Ezra is having a live performance at Desert Groove Festival in Palm Valley. He first tricks Iris into going with him to see if his roadey is okay, but he drives to a cave in the middle of nowhere and with no flashlights both him and Iris go in. Iris looks around to see that no one is in there, but Mephisto and Praxina are there waiting for them for an ambush. DJ Ezra later in the show tricks the other two into coming with him and they are all trapped. Being left alone for a while DJ Ezra explains who is he. Auriana was able to tell that she saw something familiar about him but she never thought she'd see her brother again. Jodan tells them that ever since Gramorr came to Volta he has locked up their Mother, Father, and 32 sisters in the prison cell, Jodan thought he was making a deal with Gramorr but he wasn't.

The Princesses break out of the prisons with a new spell that Talia taught them, Crystal Exera. they begin to fight the twin and their new pet, (dark crystal Scorpion). Jodan saves his sister after having her foot caught between some rock. They both think they're safe but Mephisto and Praxina use them as shields to push Iris and Talia towards a portal that the twins made earlier to send the Princesses off to Gramorr, but in sacrifice, Jodan takes the wrist of the twins and throws them into the portal. He loses his balance and goes off the edge hanging by a strand. He's halfway in when Auriana tries to save her brother. Just as Lolirock gets back from the cave every one in the crowd wants to see them but Auriana is still feeling down because she doesn't know if her brother is okay. On a small walkie-talkie, he gives her one last message before they get to see each other again.


Magical Abilities

He has the ability of shields.


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