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LoliRock (working title known as Star Princess) is a French animated television series produced by Marathon Media and co-produced by Zodiak Kids in association with Disney Channel France. It is currently being broadcasted on Disney Channel in other countries. It started premiering in September 2014 (October in France). Season 1 and 2 will have 26 episodes.


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The action of the show is set in a kingdom called Ephedia, currently controlled by Gramorr. In the past, it was controlled by the king and queen ,who are actually the parents of the main character (Iris), and who lost the throne when the evil sorcerer Gramorr took over. However, when he tries seizing the Queen's Crown, he was trapped by magic in the throne room, and the Crown protected itself in a crystal pillar. Worse for Gramorr : the source of the crown's power, the "Oracle Gem", scattered and hit on earth... Now, Gramorr seeks the Gems to break free of his prison and finish his conquest of Ephedia... The rulers have a daughter named Iris (who is the main character), who after her disappearance,she was adopted and being cared for by her aunt, on Earth.

A few years after the conquest, Iris is already a dreamy teenager with a beautiful voice and attends high school. Iris's life changes dramatically when she discovers that girl band LoliRock is auditioning for a new lead singer. She then decided she should participate in the audition. As soon as she starts singing, she is surrounded by the glow of a thousand magical lights! Little did she know that the stars of LoliRock, Talia and Auriana, were searching for the ultimate princess who was missing for the group, which came to be the Iris itself. The girl then joins the group as a vocalist, and discovers that she is princess of a kingdom called Ephedia. Besides busy touring, they also have to save the world from the forces of evil Gramorr, trying to gather the gems that should be placed in the crown of Ephedia, restoring the kingdom to its original rulers.

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  • Iris: She is a 15 year old girl who lives in Sunny Bay, she is blonde (in human form) with blue eyes. She has great kindness and a sense of justice that will help it a lot in the future. Iris has a green thumb, she loves gardening. She loves singing but everytime she sings something odd happens. After the meeting of Talia and Auriana, she learns that she is the Princess of Ephedia, a magical realm supported by Gramorr, and that her occupation is to recover sapphires of the Royal Crown. This would return to Ephedia and beat Gramorr once and for all. She is in love with Nathaniel and they kiss for the second time in the episode "Shanila Surprise". Her object of transformation is a pendant. Once transformed, the color of her hair and her outfit are pink, her symbol is a heart. It forms with Talia and Auriana a music group: the Lolirock. Iris is the lead singer. It is noted that when she completes her Shanila, she gets a temporary transformation pale mauve and wings that are extremely powerful.
  • Auriana: She is the Princess of Volta. She's 15 years old, with red hair (in her human form) and her eyes are green. She is bubbly and playful. Auriana appreciates beautiful boys but is a princess in the heart of artichoke. It was she who had the idea to name the group LoliRock. Her object of transformation is a ring. Once transformed, her hair resumes her natural colour (orange) and her outfit is orange, her symbol is a crescent moon. In the group, Auriana plays the tambourine and also sings.
  • Talia: She is the second Princess of Xeris. She's 16 years old, brown hair (in her human form) and honey-coloured eyes. She is a very intelligent and serious girl. She is not immune to the charm of Kyle. Gifted in magic, she learns most complex magic formulas to Iris. She would have been jailed by Gramorr before escaping from looking for the Princess of Ephedia, with the help of Auriana. Her object of transformation is a bracelet. Once transformed, her hair resumes her natural colour (pale blue) and her outfit is blue, her symbol is a rhombus. In the group, Talia plays keyboards and also sings. Talia has an older sister named Izira deemed extremely powerful but currently a prisoner of Gramorr.



  • NathanielIris' best friend and boyfriend. He does not know her true identity as the princess of Ephedia.
  • Kyle
  • Matt
  • Amaru – Auriana`s pet from Volta, who can transform in a beautiful pegasus



  • LoliRock is a combination between a script driven and storyboard driven show.[1]
  • Each episode contains extracts of one or more clips at concerts (beginning, middle, or more generally the end of the episode).
  • The programs used to animate LoliRock are Toonboom Harmony, Adobe After Effect (compositing), and Blender (CGI parts).[2]