Lucky Star is the tenth episode of the first season of LoliRock.


Performing at a lonesome movie star's house party, the princesses confront Mephisto and Praxina and help their celebrity host make some true friends.


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Major Events

  • Everyone, with the exception of the princesses, falls asleep by Mephisto's spell.
  • The twins kidnapped Lily to a warehouse.
  • The princesses rescues Lily.
  • Iris, Talia, and Auriana obtains a Oracle Gem.



Spells Used

  • Incantasio Hiberario - Used by Mephisto to cast a sleep-inducing fog at Lily Bowman's part and the streets near the Smoothie Bar.
  • Vistorus - Used by Mephisto to track the princesses and to transform the photo booth into a Black Crystal creature.
  • Blatius - Used by Mephisto to knock the princesses off the rooftop of the Smoothie Bar.
  • Crystal Slucium - Used by the princesses from falling into the sleep-inducing fog and fly back to the rooftop.
  • Crystal Offensio - Used by the princesses against the twins. Talia later used it to prevent Praxina from casting another Ateruina.
  • Crystalocum Ostandere - Used by the princesses to find Lily's location.
  • Ateruina - Used by Praxina to attack the princesses.
  • Crystarmum - Used by Auriana to defend against Praxina.
  • Crystal Colidum - Used by Iris against the Photo Booth monster to stop its attack on Talia.
  • Crystal Circulum - Used by the princesses to contain the explosion of the photo strips.
  • Crystal Miro - Used by the princesses to deflect the Photo Booth monster's laser beam against itself.
  • Crystal Solvenda - Used by Iris to free a crystallized Lily.

Voice Cast


  • Lisa Caruso
  • Kelly Marot
  • Léopoldine Serre
  • Tabitha St Germain
  • Nessym Ghetat
  • Karine Foviau
  • Gilles Morvan
  • Hugo Brunswick
  • Emmylou Homs



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  • Lily Bowman's beauty mark switched to her right eye when Auriana gave her a tray of spinach cheese puffs.
  • Auriana's periwinkle's bow has turned into turquoise when riding Amaru. They did same mistake again in Step Right Up.


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