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The Magical Princesses are girls from the royalties of Ephedia and its realms. They are daughters of the kings and queens trained in the art of magic. They can use their magic to manipulate crystals and to do spells. Each princess must undergo a change that will mark their growth in magic; Shanila. Princesses are heir to the throne instead of princes.


Magical Princesses when living on Earth will blend in with society and hide their Ephedian nature by changing their appearance. The princesses, as well as the other Ephedians, have different hair colors than those who lived on earth because it is linked to their magic and the magic of the land. It can be noted that in the flashback seen in "To Find a Princess", Iris has blonde hair like the color it has on Earth because Ephedians have natural hair color when their magic isn't developed yet. If Iris stayed in Ephedia she might have had the pink coloration of her hair just like the young Talia in "Xeris".

Known Magical Princesses


Each one of them possesses a transformation item that will unveil their true appearance, manifest their magical dress and increase their magical powers. It usually comes in the form of accessory or piece of jewelry

List of Transformation Items

They also have items from their Kingdoms that they use in battles. They can use these as weapons and enhance them magically like when used with the spell Crystemsabrus. The magical tools are also used to cast strong convergence spell like Crystal Luxtra and Crystal Quintar. So far, Izira is the only princess to not have a weapon though it can be speculated that one royal family can only possess one.

List of Weapons

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