Missy Robins is Iris' childhood rival and the daughter of the mayor of Sunny Bay. She first appeared in the episode, "Flower Power."


Missy Robins has black hair and green eyes. Her bangs are held back by two gold heart-shaped hairpins. She wears a pink shirt with a heart shaped design and a short sea-foam green long sleeved top. A black shirt with stockings and black boots.


She proves to be vain and also very spoiled and obnoxious with Iris.

She also seems to flirt with Nathaniel and show jealousy whenever he and Iris are together.


Season 1

She debuted in Flower Power. First in a flashback of her winning the flower competition every year.



  • It was confirmed that Missy is not based on Mandy from Totally Spies!, another show by Marathon/Zodiak ,but they do share some similarities and resemblance.[1]
  • She shares voice actress with Talia in the English dub.
  • She serves as Iris's rival towards Nathaniel.
  • She shares her hair color with Lyna.
  • She has a habit of tossing her hair around.


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