Morgaine is a very powerful sorceress and is said to be one of the greatest in Ephedia. She makes her debut in the episode "Dance Craze".


She has dedicated her life in learning powerful spells in order to defeat Gramorr. She lives in a far dimension and meditates there most of the time. Once every 10 years, Morgaine can be contacted by the princesses through a transdimensional window. Iris, Talia, and Auriana needed her to learn a powerful spell that will enable them to defeat the enemy. However, in order to master the spell all three princesses must be present. Morgaine addresses Gramorr as her "old friend" implying that the two may have studied magic together once(probably). She also knows Iris' mother, the Queen of Ephedia.


Much like Auriana, she has red hair, though a lighter shade, and a fair complexion. Her eyes are silver. And she wears a long white and blue dress. Her hair is done in a braid and she wears a silver headband.


Morgaine is a very kind woman. She is willing to teach the Princesses even if one of them is late. She easily forgives Iris and would even go as far as to rescue Iris from Mephisto and Praxina even though she knew that it was a trap. Lastly, she is very wise. Not only was she a master of magic, she also knows how to read the enemy's mind which gave the girls an opportunity to free Iris.


She is known in all of Ephedia as their greatest sorceress, but whether she is a Magical Princess, it is not known. Prior the start of the series, she has decided to live in a far and unreachable dimension so she can meditate and learn magic. At some point in her life she met Gramorr and it is implied that they might have studied magic together. Morgaine was also acquainted with the King and Queen of Ephedia.


Season 1

She is seen in Season 1 episode 21(Dance Craze) helping the princesses learn the magic spells to defeat the evil Gramorr.


  • It is possible that she also mentored Izira, which might be why she is stronger than a regular Magical Princess.
  • Her hair color resembles that of a Voltan.


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