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Nathaniel is a recurring character in LoliRock, he is Iris' boyfriend, a smoothie bar’s worker and is LoliRock's biggest fan according to himself.


Nathaniel has cocoa-brown hair. He has blue eyes and a beauty mark under his right eye. He usually wears a red shirt with white lighting shapes on it, brown and blue bracelets, a yellow belt, grey pants and black shoes.

While working, he sports on a Smoothie Bar uniform that consists of a green apron with a cream-colored v-neck shirt underneath.


Nathaniel is kind and caring. He is also quite supportive as he encouraged Iris to join LoliRock for her love of singing. He also is revealed to have feelings towards Iris and cares deeply about her. He enjoys spending time with her but is quite nervous in expressing his feelings for her at times and shows to constantly blush when around her. However, he dislikes it when Doug interrupts moments between him and Iris or when she is forced to be called away. Overall though, Nathaniel is shown to be understanding and patient regarding these situations and is happy when Iris does return and they can spend time together.


Since they were children, Iris and Nathaniel have been best friends and have lived together in the town of Sunny Bay. Eventually, as time went on, Iris and Nathaniel began to develop strong romantic feelings for one another, but haven't confessed how they feel as they are nervous when expressing their feelings for each other. One day, Iris came to the local Smoothie Bar where Nathaniel works and revealed her problems regarding her singing voice, revealing strange happenings occur whenever she sings. Iris almost gives up on her dream of becoming a singer, but Nathaniel encourages her to follow her dream and shows her an advert for an audition for a new band called LoliRock, which unknowingly helps Iris discover her true identity and changes her life forever. Since discovering her origins, Iris doesn't tell Nathaniel the truth as Iris wants to protect him, although there have been a few occasions where he seems to know the truth.


Season 1

In Season 1, Nathaniel is shown helping Iris at the Smoothie bar when Iris almost gives up her dream. He gets attacked a few times by Mephisto and Praxina's monsters and spells, and finds out Iris's magic secret but she turns back time so that he never knew at all.

Season 2

Nathaniel starts showing more about his feelings. He eventually asks Iris to be his girlfriend, but she has to say no considering, she has to leave for Ephedia. She defeats Gramorr and returns back to Earth, as Praxina now wants to destroy it following Mephisto's death. Among those threatened, though unbeknownst to him.



  • He knows what LoliRock's favorite colors and food are.
  • He is a surfer.
  • He and Iris are childhood friends.
  • It is possible he is aware of Iris and the girls secret.[1]
    • However, this was in an alternate timeline. He is unaware of them when Iris restores time in "Princess Brenda: Part 2".
  • He claims to be the biggest fan of LoliRock.