Season 2 is the second season of LoliRock. It was first announced in 2015 and it was premiered in France on February 13, 2017 on France 4[1][2] and it was released in English on Netflix on January 5, 2017. It is the sequel to the first season.

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  • Next Season: TBA

Season Overview

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Major Characters


Number Image French Title English Title Summary
2-01 TBA Une tournée magique Musical Magical Tour TBA
2-02 TBA La bonne action If You Can't Beat'em TBA
2-03 TBA Mordu d'amour Puppylove TBA
2-04 TBA Un chat trop chou? Super Cute Kitten TBA
2-05 TBA Loli-Rousse Wicked Red TBA
2-06 TBA Un message troublant Blurred Vision TBA
2-07 TBA Recherche d'Identité, 1ère partie Princess Brenda: Part 1 TBA
2-08 TBA Recherche d'Identité, 2ème partie Princess Brenda: Part 2 TBA
2-09 TBA Une poupée singulière Cute as a Doll TBA
2-10 TBA Multi-Amaru Amaru-niverse TBA
2-11 TBA Rex 2.0 Rex TBA
2-12 TBA Dans l'ombre d'une star Lost in the Shadows TBA
2-13 TBA Silence on tourne… I Want My LTV TBA
2-14 TBA Un artiste bien connu Desert Heat TBA
2-15 TBA Le rubis de L'Orient The Ruby of the Orient TBA
2-16 TBA Le Loli-Smoothie Loli-Lime Sublime TBA
2-17 TBA Ellira Truth Be Told TBA
2-18 TBA Un cours de danse particulier Dancing Shoes TBA
2-19 TBA La baguette ensorcelée Amateur Hour TBA
2-20 TBA La cueillette de cristal noir Strawberry Fields for Never TBA
2-21 TBA La trahison, 1ère partie Stop in the Name of Lev: Part 1 TBA
2-22 TBA La trahison, 2ème partie Stop in the Name of Lev: Part 2 TBA
2-23 TBA Le jeu des statues Statue Game TBA
2-24 TBA Tombée dans l'oubli Forget You! TBA
2-25 TBA L'heure de gloire, 1ère partie Crowning Glory: Part 1 TBA
2-26 TBA L'heure de gloire, 2ème partie Crowning Glory: Part 2 TBA



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