Shanila Surprise is the nineteenth episode of the first season of LoliRock.


Iris reaches the next stage of her magical training, Shanila. Her powers are soon tested when Gramorr orders a vicious attack to stop her progress.


Iris sits on the dock, writing in her diary, wishing someone warned her about the side effects of having magical powers. One night, Iris, Talia, and Auriana fight the twins for an Oracle gem. During the fight, Iris was able to defeat the twins by performing a powerful spell and reclaiming the gem. Auriana states the spell took her forever to learn it while Talia is impressed by Iris’s development. When Iris goes to sleep, she dreams of her and Nathaniel about to kiss, but Nathaniel falls into a pit of darkness, causing her to wake up anxiously. The next morning, Iris discovers most of her hair has fallen out. Talia and Auriana congratulates her and explains that Iris has reached Shanila, which is a special time in an Ephedian girl’s life when her hair falls out, indicating as a sign she has reached her next stage of magical development.

Meanwhile, Gramorr is angry with the news and orders Praxina and Mephisto to stop Iris from advancing any further and prevent her hair from growing back.

Back at home, Iris is still upset with her hair. Auriana tries to cheer her up with a Voltan tradition for Shanila, decorating her hair with ornaments. She then shows a picture of her Shanila to Iris, which she compliments. Talia refuses to show an embarrassing picture of her Shanila, but Amaru manages to share the photo.

Due to Shanila making Iris weak, the twins plan on attacking her before her hair grows back.

Auriana tells Iris that it could take months for her hair to grow back. Iris becomes impatient and attempts to grow her hair back with a spell but fails. Talia states that Shanila is too strong and can’t be fixed with a spell. Nathaniel then arrives at their home and invited the girls to join him to Sled Mountain. With her new hair, Iris refuses to go. She decides to force herself to train hard everyday in order to get her regular hair back.

In the training arena, Iris tries to practice her powers, but can only conjure small amounts, due to being too weak. Auriana feels sorry, so Iris allows her to go with Nathaniel to Sled Mountain,

At the park, Auriana is having a great time with Nathaniel on a ride, until the twins appear and sabotage the tracks. Auriana and Nathaniel ride off course towards a giant pit. Iris feels their distress and hears Auriana calling for help, realizing it as a new power she is developing. Talia and Iris quickly head to Sled Mountain, with Iris concealing her hair with a sun hat.

The girls arrive just as Auriana and Nathaniel fall into the pit. Reaching out, Iris’s hat falls off. Her hair magically grows, revealing a brand new power. On Ephedia, magical encryption glows, alerting Gramorr. The new power freezes everyone and time, except the princesses and the twins. Iris takes on a new form of magic and saves Auriana and Nathaniel in time. When the twins try to attack, Iris casts a giant wave of magic at a mountain, which slices in half. She then teleports behind the twins and blasts them away. Slowly, Iris’s new form disappears and time returns to normal. Her hair grew back quickly.

Meanwhile, Praxina and Mephisto return to their cave, facing Gramorr’s punishments.

Before a Lolirock concert began, the girls are getting ready backstage, with Iris happy to have her regular hair back. Nathaniel comes in and tells Iris that he wishes he could thank the person who saved him on Sled Mountain, leaving Iris blushing. The two then share a kiss, with Amaru witnessing in shock. The episode ends with Lolirock performing “Celebrate” to the audience.

Major Events

  • Iris' hair starts to fall out.
  • Iris trains to reach her next magical development.
  • Iris transforms into her Shanila form.



Spells Used

  • Crystal Retrosum - Used by Talia against Praxina.
  • Crystarmum - Used by Auriana to protect herself from Iris' Crystal Cresce.
  • Crystempactus - Used by Iris consecutively in an attempt to reach the next stage of magical development.
  • Crystal Protendere - Used by Talia to demonstrate the spell to Iris.
  • Antrium - Used by Praxina against the princesses.
  • Crystal Ensis - Used by Iris to defend Talia, Auriana, and herself from Praxina's attack.
  • Crystal Cresce - Use by Iris to lengthen her own hair, but it rebounded and lengthened Amaru's fur.
  • Crystal Retexa - Used by Talia to cut Amaru's long fur.
  • Tercuro - Used by Praxina to create a black crystal slide.
  • Demutar - Used by Praxina to shift the black crystal side.

Voice Cast




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  • This is the 13th episode in the original French version.
  • Aunt Ellen listens to the song "We Are Magic" while she is gardening.
  • The moment where Iris and Nathaniel kiss is not explicitly shown.


  • Talia's eyebrows change color multiple times in this episode. The same goes for Auriana.
  • When Iris in her Shanila form reaches out her hand, you can see that the white part of her arm is missing then appears out of nowhere.


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