Stitches is the fifteenth episode of the first season of LoliRock.


Auriana designs outfits for Iris and Talia to model at a fashion show, but the twins turn a sewing machine into a monster to steal the magic apparel.


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Major Events

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  • LoliRock
    • Iris (major role)
    • Talia
    • Auriana
  • Enemies
    • Gramorr
    • Mephisto
    • Praxina
  • Carlos
  • Amaru

Spells Used

  • Crystal Luxtra - Used by the princesses against the Sewing Machine Monster.
  • Crystalocum Ostandere - Used to locate Carlos' clothing designs.
  • Aterodere - Used by Praxina to command the Sewing Machine Monster to attack the princesses.
  • Crystemsabrus - Used by Iris and Talia to enchant their weapons.
  • Crystal Authenticum - Used by Talia to identify the properties of Auriana's clothing designs.
  • Crystal Cranea - Used by Talia to drag a truck backward on the road from falling off a bridge.
  • Gladius - Used by Praxina to create black crystal darts against the princesses.
  • Crystal Deflectus - Used by Auriana to defend Iris, Talia, and herself against Praxina's attack.
  • Crystal Orbus - Used by Auriana to summon her enchanted clothing designs.
  • Crystal Vesty - Used by Auriana to snare Mephisto and Praxina with her enchanted clothing designs.
  • Crystal Stagnum - Used by Auriana to teleport the twins out of the Arena.
  • Crystal Solvenda - Used by Iris to free a truck driver.

Voice Cast


  • Lisa Caruso
  • Kelly Marot
  • Léopoldine Serre
  • Tabitha St Germain
  • Nessym Ghetat
  • Karine Foviau
  • Gilles Morvan
  • Yoann Bellot Sover


  • Kazumi Evans
  • Ashleigh Ball
  • Tabitha St Germain
  • Vincent Tong
  • Kelly Sheridan
  • Mackenzie Gray
  • David Kaye


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