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Sunny Bay is a city located on planet Earth. It is the home of Iris, Talia, AurianaNathaniel, Aunt Ellen, Matt, Kyle and Missy Robins.


Sunny Bay is a place on Earth where they live some characters. Some notable places include Aunt Ellen's house and the Smoothie Bar.


Season 1

Sunny Bay has appeared in all episodes of Season 1 as a place for main three princesses to wait before they're ready to encounter Gramorr.

LoliRock has its music studio here and live with Aunt Ellen at her house.

Season 2

Sunny Bay has also appeared in every single episode of Season 2, where Princesses continue to collect the Oracle Gems with two new princesses: Carissa and Lyna, by their side.

Known Inhabitants


  • This is the only known city on planet Earth.