The Birthday is the fourth episode of the first season of LoliRock.


A mysterious music box gives Iris strange dreams, including the location of an oracle gem. Should she skip her aunt's birthday party to retrieve it?


Iris receives a gift from a "number one fan", a beautiful music box of a mysterious design. Aunt Ellen makes a passing remark revealing her disinterest for her birthday. After a disastrous practice session, Iris shares this with Auriana and Talia, the former suggesting a party. After selecting a theme for the party, they begin their planning.

That night, excited for the party the next day, Iris, along with Amaru, falls asleep when the music box opens itself, revealing a vision of an accident that will take place in the party store they will visit. She wakes up saying that her dream felt so real. They visit the party store to pick up supplies when Iris sees the accident take place. After rescuing the child, she realizes she reenacted the entire vision. She shares this with her friends, Talia calling the whole thing a coincidence.

Mephisto and Praxina report to Gramorr and reveal that the premonition was set up by them. Gramorr is pleased to hear the plan is going well so far.

The trio finishes their shopping and go back home to begin setting up. Aunt Ellen comes into the room and Iris makes an effort to distract her. Aunt Ellen catches on quickly and Iris breaks the surprise. Aunt Ellen decides to keep the secret with Iris and still keeps her out of the room and act oblivious. Iris returns surprised at the decorations being mismatched with other holidays. They begin to put up decorations when Iris shares that she wants to write Aunt Ellen a song. Auriana and Talia volunteer to do the work and let Iris write the song.

Iris spends time in her room writing the song. Night falls and she begins to get frustrated with the lyrics. The music box opens and Iris falls asleep at her desk. Amaru walks in worried for the sleeping Iris. The dream shows Iris walking down the Old Street and entering and exploring an abandoned house. She finds something sparkling on top of a desk in a room and approaches it. There she sees her parents greeting her.

She wakes up, surprised, and bolts out of her room. She shares this dream with Talia and Auriana. Talia is skeptical about the dream, believing it to be only a dream. Aunt Ellen enters the room surprised about the uniqueness of the party decorations. Iris shares her feelings with Amaru. That she can't stop thinking about her dream and that she wants to go and visit her parents. Amaru, worried, doesn't agree that she should go.

Guests arrived and the Auriana and Talia realize that Iris is no where to be seen. Amaru shares that Iris has gone to the Old Street. Knowing where to go, Iris goes straight to the room with the table. She approaches the table and gets trapped by the evil twins. The other two princesses investigates Iris's room and Auriana begins reading Iris's diary. Talia gets suspicious about the gift from Iris's "number one fan", a beautiful music box. Amaru sniffs out the box sitting on a shelf on the wall. The box opens when Talia touches it and Auriana recognizes the dream crystals. A black crystal monster emerges from the box and Talia casts a "Crystal Veritus" spell on the monster to reveal Iris's location.

With Iris caught, she realizes that she was being tricked with the premonitions to lure her in the trap. Even trapped she is still confident to get out of the situation. Gramorr offers a deal for Iris to set her parents free if she works for him. Talia and Auriana barges in to free Iris. Desperate, she is saddened by her chance to see her parents being blasted away. The twins appear again and the princesses transform. Amaru summons the arena and the battle begins. Mephisto tries to reason with Iris by saying that he just wanted Iris to see her parents. Praxina summons the black crystal monster in its full form.

Aunt Ellen wanders the party and notices that the girls have yet to make their appearance and that no one else has seen them. The princesses continue their efforts to attack the monster and the twins. Finally they conjure the "Crystal Luxtra" spell and blast the monster away. The twins retreat and Iris makes her apology. She expresses that she just really wanted to see her parents, but the other girls say it was probably for the best and he might have been tricking her. They realize that they have been missing the party they threw for her.

They finally make their appearance at the side of the house, debuting their newest song, BFF (despite its appearance in the first episode). Aunt Ellen is happy to see them and Iris apologizes for missing the party. She replies with that they could do it again next year. Iris wraps up the episode writing in her diary accepting that when she restores the Crown of Ephedia, she could see her parents again. And that maybe having her parents is like having Aunt Ellen as a parent.

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  • Lisa Caruso
  • Kelly Marot
  • Léopoldine Serre
  • Tabitha St Germain
  • Nessym Ghetat
  • Karine Foviau
  • Gilles Morvan
  • Magali Rosenzweig


  • Kazumi Evans
  • Ashleigh Ball
  • Tabitha St Germain
  • Vincent Tong
  • Kelly Sheridan
  • Mackenzie Gray


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  • It is the 12th episode in the original French version.
  • This episode reveals that Auriana has a grandmother who is 243 years old.



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