Iris- Iris is the lead singer of the band before she found out she was a magical princess whenever she sang weird stuff would always happen all the time without having control over it. Iris joined Lolirock with Auriana and Talia who know alot about their kingdoms plus they are from the same place but different kingdoms.

Talia- Talia is serious about what’s going on but she wasn’t always like that she didn’t listen or train hard enough when she was little untill Gramorr took everyone in her kingdom away and locked them up like her mom,dad,and her older sister. She agreed to help find Iris.

Auriana- Auriana has a ton of brothers and sisters way too much. She agreed to help find Iris with Talia since they wanted to help defeat Gramorr since they both have something in commom, Gramorr took their family. Auriana’s personality is childish yet Iris and Talia still love her even though she is boy crazy.

Praxcina- Praxcina is the smart evil one who works for Gramorr she is like Talia but evil. Praxcina has one eye covered with her hair, Praxcina is trying to help Gramorr with Mephesto win and take over the kingdoms.

Mephesto- Mephesto is Praxcina’s evil twin who gets distracted simply. Talis,Auriana,and Iris bearly have to try to get him distracted. Even though his ideas are pretty much STUPID his stupid ideas do come in handy.

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