It is the most iconic theory for Gramorr.Is it possible Gramorr is a victim of  Banes,and did not deserve to die but Banes did?Let's look at the facts.Gramorr was a sourcerer for the king and queen of Ephidea.But where did Banes come from?Banes is reffered as evil Amaru. Amararu helps the princesses in time of need by opening the battle arena. But what is Banes powers?Well as seen in the show Banes is Gramorr's trusty sidekick/friend.Well as seen in the show Grammor  wears a mask ,but is it possible that the mask belongs to Banes and not Gramorr?Banes did help Gramorr but immediately when Gramorr was being destroyed he looked and just left. Is it possible Gramorr made a deal with Banes and when he always threatened Mephisto and Praxina  he was speaking for Banes and not himself.That is why Banes gave Praxina the mask cause he knew she was desprate to do anything to get revenge on Iris and the other princesses.Tell me what you think in the comments bellow:)            
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