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Volta in Desert Heat.

Volta is a fictional kingdom in the LoliRock series. It is located on the east of the planet Ephedia. Jodan and Auriana are prince and princess of Volta.


Not much is known about Volta, but Auriana mentioned they celebrate Shanila by throwing off a party and putting jingle bells on their hair as ornament while it's yet growing back to its original length.

The royal family of Volta

In the second season's episode "Desert Heat", it was revealed that like Xeris, the kingdom of Volta fell from Gramorr conquest. Auriana once said she has 32 unnamed sisters, though the creators reveal on the teams Tumblr page that not all of them are blood related and that family works differently for Voltans. Gramorr destroyed Volta and imprisoned the Royal Family of Volta in the prison of Volta. The Voltans don their dresses in red or orange hues. Voltan hair color ranges from a salmon red to a bright yellow.

Voltan Forest

A huge verdant Ephedian forest in the territory of Volta where Auriana, the princess trains mostly.


In the second season of LoliRock, Praxina mentions that Voltans are fans of shields. This is also evident as Auriana used much more defensive spells as opposed to the other princesses. The spell Crystarmum, which takes a form of a barrier seems to sound like the symbol of Volta which is the moon. Auriana's shield is the most powerful of all the princesses'.


  • Flying Gabba Blasters



  • Volta means "back" in Portuguese.