Xeris is a fictional kingdom in the LoliRock series. It is located on the west of planet Ephedia. Talia and her eldest sister, Izira are the princesses of Xeris.


Xeris is one of the vassal realms of Ephedia. The royal family of Xeris was important in Ephedia. The powerful Ancient Ephedian Spell Book was entrusted under their watch. The members of the ruling family were also famous because of their strong magic. Izira was already popular in Ephedia before the start of the series. The same can be said to Talia as in "To Find a Princess", Praxina exclaimed "Talia, the famous princess of Xeris" indicating she made a name for herself even before meeting Iris. However, due to some circumstances, the royal family was defeated when Gramorr attacked and the palace ended up in ruins. The citizens of Xeris wear robes of blue shades.

Resistance Camp

Izira's liberation led to the formation of the resistance. The palace of Xeris was used as their base of operation.


The royal family of Xeris is trusted with Ephedia's knowledge. They were tasked to guard the Ancient Ephedian Spell Book and its dark counterpart, the Zanevian Book of Spells. Talia seemed to have brought an entire library in their base full of other spell books. Of all the princesses, Talia is the most knowledgeable be it spell or Ephedian history and legends.



Season 1

As of the finale, when they found out Izira managed to escape from the prison, she made a resistance stationed at Xeris.

Season 2

Xerix well continues to be the main base for resistances, where from Izira do her best to keep in touch with Princesses.


  • Xerix is one of minor kingdoms, that was destroyed by Gramorr as his conquest started. Soldiers tried to keep him of, but he turned the kingdom apart, leaving beautifully arched walls behind in fire and dark crystal magic shards.
  • Even the city was partly destroyed, it shows the fact that Izira and all the survivors have used it as a hideout place from Gramorr where they train and unite an army, waiting for the arrival of Iris that they believe is determined to save them.


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